This year we wanted to do something different with our reel. We've been working a lot, travelling a lot, and learning infinitely more about the multifaceted cultures just within the Philippines. Seabiscuit Films has always lived by this ethos: To see the cinema in the everyday.

This year our reel features subjects in their raw and unadulterated form. This is all natural, pristine, and true. No special effects. This is our love letter to the Philippines, and this is always what we should keep in mind when we think about her.

We're more than just hired guns, we're not just a production company. We are timekeepers, and Seabiscuit Films holds archives to humanity. Our content shows the truth. How people loved and lived and felt about the world.

All content created by Seabiscuit Films X Erwan Heussaff
Produced by Seabiscuit Films
Written by Erwan Heussaff